Saturday, March 6, 2010

Repentance Builds Faith

Preach My Gospel states that "changing to become Christlike requires ... repenting."

To become more faithful, like Christ, you and I will benefit from asnswering these questions: what will I repent of today? what will I keep (feeling, thinking, doing)? What will I improve? What will I stop? What will I start?

These questions strengthen faith because once they've been answered, a second question is neccessarily posed: how am I going to do it? The correct answer to that question will always include increased faith.

Is there something you need to confess to your bishop? Really, ask yourself that question. If there is anything in the slightest that comes to your mind as you read that question, come to me. Call David Hawkinson (801-373-7495) and schedule a time for us to chat. Mortality already provides enough impediments to speedy progression without the burden of conscience. As Elder Hafen taught in General Conference back in April 2004, "because of the Atonement,(we can) learn from (our) experience without being condemned by it" - the Lord wants you to progress, so much so that He is willing to take away your guilt through His sacrifice.

Praying for increased faith is sure making my days more meaningful so far this month. I hope you are experiencing the same.

-Bishop Macdonald

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