Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You Get What You Want

Although not always true in our day to day lives, in the long run, you get what you want.

Consider Elder Neal A. Maxwell's reflection on agency shared in an intimate way here at BYU just four months before his death. His talk is among my personal favorites. Check it out here.

Here's the key phrase in this regard:
"Back now to the more crisp and revealed words about choosing!
"[You will receive] according to [your] desire" (Alma 29:4; emphasis added).
"[And you will receive] according to [your] wills" (Alma 29:4; emphasis added).
"I'm not sure we grasp how the final judgment will reflect our choices! But my desires and choices really will be honored! How manifestly just of God! How trembling for me! There is the anxiety protruding once again. Are my desires sufficiently educated to choose wisely (see Alma 13:3, 10)? Could the further education of my desires be the most important form of continuing education?"
Here's my thought, which I captured in my journal during sacrament meeting this past Sunday:
If in the long run we get what we want, then it's imperative that we ever ensure that our daily desires and actions align with our deepest desires and aspirations. For, shall we receive fruit of the intense, deep desires we at times feel yet don't align our actions with or shall we receive the sum product of all our daily desires and actions? I believe it is the latter. Luckily, since none of do that perfectly, one of those daily actions can be repentance - repentance for both sins of commission and omission. 

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