Monday, January 4, 2010

Hope and Confidence for a New Year

This question was poised to me at work this morning:
"What if 2010 begins with you confident that this will be the most remarkable year yet in your life?"
The following questions were these:
"If you believe that, how does it affect what you'll do in the first days and weeks of the new year?"
"What would you do if you knew that a new level of success is just around the corner?"
I asked my boss if I could share this thought with our ward. I've thought about the range of expectations that we may have for the new year - ranging from poor, through benign, to great - and I've been moved by the realization that is up to us. If we want if to be "the most remarkable year yet in (our) lives" then it will be.

May we set our sites and expectations high for this new year with faith that all is possible with the Lord.

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