Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Hope for Our Ward

Of all things to be grateful for today, I'm most grateful for the Savior and for his gospel plan. My overarching hope for our ward is that we will all become increasingly grateful for him, and that the ensuing gratitude will lead us to worship him and the Father more devoutly. Elder Holland conveyed a similar desire in a talk here at BYU about 12 years ago:
"My desire for you tonight is to have more straightforward experience with the Savior's life and teachings. Perhaps sometimes we come to Christ too obliquely, focusing on structure or methods or elements of Church administration. Those are important and, like the tithes of mint and anise and cummin Christ spoke of, should be observed--but not without attention to the weightier matters of the kingdom, first and foremost of which is a personal spiritual relationship with deity, including the Savior, whose kingdom this is."
Come Unto Me, Holland, Jeffrey R., March 2, 1997
In this talk Elder Holland gives practical advice on how to accomplish what is described above. Will you please consider finding the time to read or listen to the talk in its entirety? We will all be a better for it.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Bishop Macdonald

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